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Starting on 03/22/ 11:15pm
Sounds Like: Groove, Pop

  LEAH TOUSIGNANT is bound to dazzle any audience with her smooth vocals, funky piano chops, and irresistible charm.  LEAH T has spent much of her life in the Twin Cities honing her craft as a uniquely creative singer/songwriter.  Her many years spent studying the piano have transformed her into a dynamic solo performer as well as a magnetic frontwoman.  Throughout 2014, she put a great deal of her efforts into debuting her first full-length album, Love and Other Green Things.  The album is a quirky and charming release filled with imaginative lyricism, playful melodies, and groovy beats.

     After calling St. Paul, Minnesota her home for 24 years, LEAH T made the decision to move towards the Pacific coast and has been diving head first into the Seattle music scene since 2015.  She has recruited The Baked Goods to back her solo project and further enrich the music's harmonic texture and deepen the groove.  While still pursuing her original project, she was quickly scooped up by a number of local bands.  Today, she can be found playing keys for soul singer, Grace LoveHeadwaves, a dreamy synth pop band; and Prince tribute band, Purple Mane