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Starting on 03/07/ 8:30pm
Sounds Like: Pop, Electric

Born and Raised in New York City.

Something of a Harlem honey meets bohemian siren.

An unforgettable powerhouse of a woman who is guaranteed to spit a bit of magic your way, leaving you spell-bound and buzzing for more.”

Noelle and The Filthy No-No’s are a band of sonic force lead by a soothe singing powerhouse. Their sound is a theatrical synthesis of Soul, Jazz and a touch of Rock and Roll as Noelle Tannen’s eclectic vocal approach defies any single standard; Ranging from delightfully innocent to aggressively ragged. Her band meets the demands of such acoustic versatility. Delivering a satisfying oomph of harmonic complexity and rhythmic articulation to support the delivery of a neo-sirens song. Exploring the tensions which underly existence, their sound reflects the intensity of living in a modern world.