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Starting on 01/23/ 9:00pm
Sounds Like: Reggae, Roots

your night of great live music starts at 9pm with TODD & THE TOOTS! this is a FREE show so please buy drinks and tip the band!!  Todd and the Toots is a Seattle based acoustic reggae and soul group. Our music is played on acoustic instruments; Guitar, mandolin, upright bass, percussion and drums with rich vocal harmonies. All members of the band play in local bluegrass groups, and while this may influences our sound in some small way, there is nothing about the music that you would call bluegrass.  As Brogan likes to say... "It's baby making music"

  • Our singer Rob Jones, also known as the "Doctor of Soul", delivers soul infused reggae vocals and is also a member of the local jam band "High Cloud Cover".
  • Mandolinist John Brogan, known for his powerful Bill Monroe influenced crooning, also sings and contributes a strong reggae upbeat with his mandolin chop. John is also a member of the local bluegrass band "Dysfunction Junction".
  • Guitarist Tom Rooney the founder and driving force behind the beloved pies and pints "Sunday Folk Revue", provides the driving funky guitar groove, and cool bass vocals. Tom also plays in the local Irish rockband "Ockham's Razor" and the beloved bluegrass jam band "Creeping Thyme".
  • Drummer Todd Gray (the namesake of the band) is the solid rhythm foundation, providing flair, panache, and high tenor vocals. Todd is the heart of the live-band karaoke project "Karaokegrass" is the leader of the local bluegrass band "Pickled Okra" and co-creator in the kid-centric group "The Brian Waite Band".
  • Upright bassist Paisley Gray lays down the phat reggae bass lines, and sports the best hats. She is the founder of local project Karaokegrass and the local bluegrass band "Pickled Okra".

The group formed in 2016 at the annual Gray family summer party we call Toddgrass. Brogan arrived wearing a Toots and the Maytals t-shirt and Todd exclaimed "I love Toots and the Maytals!". A few hours later the group was on stage, performing a handful of Toots songs they had worked up, and from that day forward we've been playing reggae together with big smiles on our faces. Todd likes to refer to Toots Hibbert as the "James Brown" of Jamaica so the band invited Rob Jones to bring his soul singing into the mix and really give it that "Toots" feel.