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Starting on 11/14/18 10:00pm
Sounds Like: Songwriter, improv

Comfort Food performs tonight at SEA MONSTER starting at 10pm.  FREE

Celebrating the electric fusion movement that was sparked by Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, Comfort Food grooves down that musical path. Influences from electric Miles to Weather Report to Nigeria’s Fela Kuti’s driving afrobeat. Comfort Food is music for your soul.

“…electric Miles meets Fela Kuti…”

Bob Antolin: alto & soprano sax, flutes, guitar, wind synths
Jaiman Crunk: electric guitar, guitar synths
Yogi McCaw: synths
Lennox Holness: electric bass
Kofi Anang: djembe, percussion
Ahkeenu Musa: congas, percussion
Paul Huppler: drums

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