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Starting on 05/30/18 9:30pm
Sounds Like: Funk, Soul

Every Last wednesday of the month The Lucky Brown Band swings by for their monthly Westsound Deep Funk Club residency at Wallingford neighborhood's Seamonster Lounge. At around 9:30PM, The Lucky Brown Band gathers onstage to do their live Deep Funk ritual where they welcome everybody to the dancefloor and celebrate Peace, Love and the Power of Deep Funk. Dancing Guaranteed! Lucky Brown Band draws it's members from the greater Westsound Recording Cooperative and are a collective of musicians who perform and improvise over original, rudimentary and minimalist works conceived by Lucky Brown, the soulfunk alter ego of Joel Ricci, composer, trumpet player, hand-papermaker, and vegetable gardener. These 'tunes' are offered as vehicles for the various individual interpretations by the artists of the Westsound Recoring Cooperative, while simultaneously presenting a reflection of a functioning and flourishing collective ecstatic ceremony/ritual. It is the intention of the founders of the Westsound Deep Funk Club to entertain, demonstrate, and humbly explore the funk idiom handed down from artist to artist in an unbroken lineage that has it's source with the revolutionary innovations of James Brown. Lucky Brown also draws inspiration from (while paying homage to) such luminous artists as Sun Ra, Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astake and their respective followers, who, among many others, gave birth, breath and breadth to this powerful form. We strive to faithfully continue the conversation and evoke the participation of a gathering of like and different minded individuals who also hunger for authenticity, truth, and freedom of self expression through music, speech and body movement $5